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How to Dominate Her – Learn to Drive Her Wild and Make Her Submissive to You ?>

How to Dominate Her – Learn to Drive Her Wild and Make Her Submissive to You

Domination and submission go hand in hand. Most women looking for a dominant partner also desire a submissive partner. While many women have a dominant side, some will desire a little more than the usual dominatrix style of dominance. So how do you tell if your woman wants a slave to dominate her?


For starters, she may be excited by the idea of role playing but is totally clueless about what that entails or how to properly participate in such a great sex. On the other hand, she may still be more dominant than you would prefer, but may prefer to play in the back seat while you focus on the main event. Some women may have no idea that the idea of domination and submission even exists. But either way, they may want to explore their own desires and learn to use their feminine wiles on you to achieve the ultimate erotic experience.

Part of learning to be a Dominant is gaining the skills to make a submissive woman feel sexy as well. If your woman has been humiliated her whole life, it will take her some time to become sexually aroused or horned up. You must begin to use subtle yet powerful tactics to make her feel aroused or horned up.

Domination starts with your manner of walking. Make sure that your stride is firm yet smooth. You can compliment this by crossing your legs and clasping your hands in front of your body. This holds in place and causes her to become more aroused because she is reminded of your dominance. Or you could just step up your socks so that it doesn’t get too distracting.

Your manner of dressing is also important. Not only should you dress in sexy clothing, but you should be comfortable. Don’t let her see you quivering in fear because a dominatrix always knows how to draw out the sexual tension. If she knows how to do this, you need to learn to be aware of what you are doing to yourself too.

Domination is only fun if you get into it and learn to enjoy it. Like anything else, your first step will be the biggest. The next is to acknowledge what you want to do. When you get to the point where you feel your girl is ready, then you can let go of your inhibitions and start to take control.

Whatever method you choose to learn how to dominate, remember that it is all about awareness. You must be fully aware of how to use your power and your mind to drive your woman wild.

Eventually, your woman will come to love the fact that you’re in control and that you’re the dominant and submissive partner. In order to give her this pleasure, you have to use your power sensually. If you want to take her mind and body to a new level of satisfaction, you must know the art of domination and submission.

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